Rothley Limited

Saturn - Kit for 1 door up to 45kg

  • High quality sliding door system for individual doors up to 45kg in weight
  • Ideal for room dividers
  • Kit contains all components needed to fit one sliding wooden or MDF door
  • Kits supplied in clear plastic box, with descriptive inserts, barcode and instructions

  • Max individual door weight 45kg
  • Min. Door thickness 16mm
  • Strong aluminium top track with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Track can be cut to required length or joined to create longer systems
  • Strong hangers with wheels on ball bearings for longer life and smooth and quiet running
  • Clear polycarbonate bottom guide - almost invisible when installed
  • Optional Door Gear Kit (without track) available for additional door

SD/ST01 Kit (without track) for fitting one extra door

Product Finish: Item Code: Size: Dimensions: Pack QTY:
Door Gear Kit (No Track) SD/ST01 - SDSATNGEAR     1    
Kit for 1 door SD/ST12 - SDSATN1200   1200mm track 1    
Kit for 1 door SD/ST15 - SDSATN1500   1500mm track 1    
Kit for 1 door SD/ST18 - SDSATN1800   1800mm track 1    
Kit for 1 door SD/ST20 - SDSATN2000   2000mm track 1    
Kit for 1 door SD/ST24 - SDSATN2400   2400mm track 1