Trend Report Jan 2023

Sophie Hill, Marketing, Insight and Innovation at Rothley, comments on 2023’s top interior trends as seen by Rothley

Biophilic design

This earthy design trend has remained consistently popular since lockdown with individuals wanting to bring the outdoors inside through the use of natural, sustainable materials in their home.

Biophilic design can be easily achieved in the home by introducing greenery and plants into your spaces to give it that outdoorsy feeling. Utilising natural light in your home is also an important aspect of this wellness focused design trend as natural light can help improve your mood and encourage you to be more productive during daylight hours while also creating an open, breathable space. But it can also be beneficial to have more permanent fixtures throughout your home to tie together this natural design.

Homes and interior accessories made from natural materials have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years with consumers also appreciating the sustainable aspect of these products. Materials that are predicted to be popular in 2023 include natural wood, cork and rattan.

Earlier this year in response to the growing trend of biophilic design with consumers wanting to reconnect with nature and open their homes to natural materials, we launched wooden handrails. The handrails are available in a variety of FSC approved natural wood finishes including driftwood, ebony, red oak and pine, helping consumers to reconnect with nature.



As the climate crisis worsens, individuals are making more conscious choices when decorating their homes in an effort to reduce waste and overconsumption. The more recent cost of living crisis has also inspired people to get thrifty and make the most of what they already have lying around their home which has seen upcycling remain a strong trend for yet another year.

Upcycling is a great way to support low-waste living and create stylish, one of a kind features for your home and it is even achievable for those with little to no DIY experience.

You can start small by giving an old piece of furniture a fresh lick of paint, this can be really cost effective as many companies do sample sized pots that are perfect for small pieces of furniture. Equally as cost effective and less messy is self adhesive vinyl, this type of vinyl is available in a range of designs that can give the illusion of a wooden finish, marble design and much more.

Adding new hardware is a great way to refresh old furniture or to create an entirely new piece with a new purpose in your home, whether it's adding new handles to your cupboards for a quick, cost effective kitchen update or adding new legs to something for a sense of vintage chic. Removing the traditional wooden legs from a chest of drawers and adding long Hairpin Legs can completely transform it into a unique sideboard, add some colourful paint for a real statement piece.


Statement hardware

Gone are the days when lighting fixtures, shelving brackets and utensil rails needed to blend in and be purely practical items in your home, 2023 is all about the statement finishes.

These home finishes that would otherwise be overlooked are now being used to tie the interior decor throughout your home together or as stand out features on their own. Popular hardware finishes for the upcoming year include gold and brass as they give your home that luxury feel without breaking the bank. Instead of spending time trying to hide and disguise your shelving brackets or edging profiles, pick a finish that either matches the rest of the room's hardware or go for something bold to contrast a minimalist room. 

Rothley offers a selection of edging trims, utensil rails, shelving brackets and many more fixtures available in a variety of finishes including antique brass, polished copper and matt black.


Multipurpose working spaces

Since lockdown there has been a rise in demand for multifunctional stations within the home as a result of hybrid working and individuals wanting spaces that are for more than just one purpose.

With limited space being a factor many consumers need to take into account, people don't want unattractive units taking up space that are only used during the day while working from home. Multifunctionality is key, a space that can be used as a work desk but also as a vanity for getting ready at or an arts and crafts space where people can get creative.

We've responded to these demands with the launch of our new adaptable Home Office Kit that contains everything you need to fit your own multipurpose desk and shelving unit. 

Rothley have released a full report outlining the top interior decor trends for 2023- available to view and download here:

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