Rothley joins SEDEX › Rothley

Wolverhampton-based Interior accessories manufacturer Rothley has joined world leading audit organisation SEDEX, ensuring ethical business practices and complete supply chain visibility.

The membership organisation will provide Rothley with one of the world's leading online platforms so they can manage and improve working conditions across supply chains. Through the provision of practical tools, services and a community network, SEDEX will help Rothley improve their responsible and sustainable business practices and also ensure they are sourcing responsibly.

The SEDEX platform will enable Rothley to manage performance around labour rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

Rothley's membership means that the company's supplier in China, RZQ, are also linked to ensure complete supply chain visibility. A China-based supplier was Rothley's solution to soaring costs and shipping times growing longer during recent economic uncertainty, this allowed Rothley to ensure that their customers were getting the best prices and shorter shipping times by cutting out the middleman.

The SEDEX membership will benefit Rothley’s customers as it provides an efficient and cost-effective way of communication between them and Rothley, by sharing one set of data with multiple customers, reducing the need for multiple audits. This allows Rothley to focus solely on improvements while simultaneously allowing customers direct access to information to ensure compliance through the supply chain.

David Laschke, Commercial Director at Rothley, comments: “Our new membership with SEDEX means that we can offer our customers the reassurance that Rothley has the highest standard of quality not just for our products but also for our business practices with complete supply chain visibility.

“We’re delighted to have access to a world leading platform that will allow us to manage such crucial pillars in the company from labour rights and health and safety for our employees to sustainability  and ethical business practices.

“This membership follows a financially strong third quarter for Rothley as we continue our commitment to quality and ethics, both in trade and environmentally.”